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 Apologies for my absence, dear friends. As with several other dA users you may or may or may not have noticed, tumblr has consumed my internet life. I told myself that I wouldn't get too involved, but I lied. :shrug: What can I say? I enjoy the community a lot. It's simple and you can interact with so many friendly and talented people without having to deal with a lot of the nuisances that come with other sites.

But... I guess that's besides the point I'm trying to make here. I AM BACK!! :D Kind of. Whoknowshowlongthiswilllast, but I'm at least going to try to become more active on here again. Otherwise I feel like I'm robbing you people. I come back to see this many people adding me to their watch and in my head I'm just like, "Well... I sure hope you can get what you want out of that because I haven't posted in a year!! :thumbsup:" Hopefully I will eventually get my account up and working again, but if you're really that adamant about keeping up with my latest, 9/10 times I will update this first: link I post a lot of WIPs and sketches there as well-- stuff that I never deem quite dA worthy especially since most images are taken on my iTouch, but are nonetheless the most recent workings of mine that exist online.

Anyhow, overall my summer's been going fairly good, although there have been a lot of ups and downs. I was hoping to get a job since I've been out of school and even filled out a few applications, but then I got mono from this kid I started dating in February (and then some weird stuff happened and we haven't talked in a while), so I've been feeling really run down for last 2 or 3 months. This virus frickin' sucks, people. My throat hasn't felt normal since May and I've been constantly getting headaches and needing more sleep than I would prefer, let alone can even GET as an additional (and very ironic) symptom is insomnia! My dad just got me some melatonin tablets today though so I'm hoping taking those will assist me in getting to sleep faster.  

So yeah, haven't been too great physically, but it sure gives me a good excuse to take things easy and just relax. Speaking of which, I've been taking much more advantage of being able to watch my shows so I finally caught up on Attack on Titan. :) I wouldn't say that I enjoy it as much as the internet does, but I do admit to liking it more than expected. Especially the latest episodes. I'm really excited to see what direction the story will take. Right now it seems like there's a lot of potential for it. Will I create fan art? Probably not. At least with where things are now, but if it succeeds to impress me in the future, I may just sketch a few things. But you wanna know something I WILL create fan art of?? MUTHA. EFFING. GRAVITY. FALLS. THIS is a show that knows what it's doing!! :D It makes me want to laugh, it makes me want to cry, and everything in between! The characters are freakin' believable. (Not to mention adorable) And I'm certain that much of this is due to Mr. Alex Hirsch, supreme creator and writer of the series, basing it off his own childhood and experiences growing up with his twin sister, Ariel. You can tell that he really puts his heart into it and it's so effective! Anyway, if you haven't given it a chance yet, watch it. I know the animation style screams practically everything stupid that could have ever happened to Cartoon Network, but just watch sit down and really watch the first few episodes. The show does have a structured plot and continuity that becomes even more prevalent in the second season, and it's actually a lot more mature than you would expect (Heck there's been some adult humor, blood, some pretty dark themes, and plenty of near-deaths that really makes you wonder how it was able to exist on Disney in the first place) It's quirky, it's cute, and it maintains a good balance between fun and seriousness. It's really got something for everybody. 

Whelp. There's my sermon for the day! I was meaning to address a couple other thoughts but I got a little carried away and lost them, hehe... :P No big deal. I'll try to post some stuff soon! Even if they're just sketches! I no longer have to deal with going to the library to submit anymore! :)

Thanks for continuing to support me even though I suck!! I appreciate it. :hug:

EDIT 8/6/14:
Because some have been having difficulty finding Gravity Falls online, here's a site where they update episodes as they air. :) If you find yourself hooked like I did myself, you should be able to get through them fairly quick and catch up in no time. I literally sat down one day last summer after hearing many good things about the show on dA and tumblr and watched the entire first season, only taking breaks to eat and pee. Hope you enjoy!! :heart:

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Oy! My name is Ashley, I'm 20, and I draw things on occasion.

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